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Monday, January 2, 2012

A scientific love letter

A scientific love letter for my love at first sight

Longitude-250 22' East
Latitude-80 10'' North
Date 31/12/2011

My dear sweet heart,
                              Darling, i love your vztime kwhere 'v'' is some positive integer and 'z' approaches the
 infinity. Darling the first time we met, you were standing 21feet above me on the balcony.
I don't want to vibrate my heart's feeling to you but i can't control my ruthless mind.Lastly,
 i decide to prove the wave motion of my heart. Honey, the next time we meet we both were standing vertically on a horizontal airplane. You smile as 0.98765 you may calculate the velocity of your smile, where at the time over looking any air resistance.
                             You looked at me at an angle of depression 39059' and the sparkling magic rays of your eyes incident on my eyes at a critical angle,as a result rays became reflected directly to my heart the frictioness smile which you made on me made the increment in the velocity of my heart beat.
                             When i think abot you, my restless mind come in motion and sometimes it gets reflected on
 my heart. when you smiled at me, sound water starts to flow on my mind which makes me dance  in your time. i m like iron and you are my magnet. Darling my love is pure as distilled water, if you have any doubt, you can add silver nitrate solution, the liquid turns into white or copper Sulphate solution which will surely turn blue.Ok bye for now, hoping that echo from your heart will cause vibration in my eardrum.

Love you till the dooms day .....


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