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Monday, October 31, 2011

Five ordinary things banned in other countries

Governments in every country makes its own laws and regulations that may be allowed in another country. Here is a list of some of the most natural things but banned by the government of that country, prepare to be surprised.

1. Russia - Clothing EMO Banned

The Russian government decided to put a ban on the use of clothing / fashion theme of EMO to reduce the number of suicides among teenagers. The government treats this for national stability. 

2. Australia - Film with small fruits Banned

One more peculiarity is the vulgar movie banned in Australia if the female has small breasts because the impression is it looks like a minor.

3. China - Avatar in 2D format Banned

Strange is government still imposed a ban in China is boycotting movie Avatar in 2D format, because the government had reason if Avatar is suitable, only be enjoyed in 3D format. And because 3D Cinemas in China is very little, then this movie is not widespread circulation in China.

4. China - Gaming Console Banned
Most of the gaming console manufactured in china. and surprisingly, prisons in china forced the prisoners to play World Of Warcraft so that the results can be sold into real money. The reason gaming console is banned because the government feared its youth spend more time playing games than working. Although the ban is not so effective as of now.

5. China - Prohibition of Reincarnation Before Getting Permission From Government

Another strange thing, how can mereinkarnasi with prior government approval? actually the reincarnation of the god's permission or license administration?. ridiculous ..


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