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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Funny Facts About Halloween

1. In 2009,  Halloween costumes sales exceeded 6 billion dollars. Adult Costumes accounted for 62% of sales.

2. After Christmas, Halloween is the biggest holiday commercially.

3. In America during the eighteenth century the end of the harvest was celebrated in late October, wore costumes, eating candy and playing jokes among them.

4. The celebration of Halloween dates back to 2000 years and pagan traditions.

5. The correct spelling in English for Halloween is Hallowe'en.

6. It is said that if you see a spider on Halloween it is a loved one who came to visit.

7. The tradition of wearing masks on Halloween comes from Welsh and Celtic customs which involved of the dead visit the living on October 31. The masks were intended to deceive the people and prevent recognition of the living.

8. The black and orange are traditional Halloween colors, orange represents the fall harvest and black darkness, and the black cats on Halloween got a bad reputation because it was believed that witches were subordinates who protected the powers of evil.

9. 86% of Americans decorate their homes in celebration of Halloween.

10. About 99% of pumpkins sold during the season are used to make the famous Jack O'Lantern. 


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