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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cop and the butcher

Cop enters the butcher shop and the butcher asks: Excuse me-please, if you have a bovine tendon, I need a wire for bass guitar. -DO NOT HAVE, but "because we are freaking me out cows for the harmonica.
How pointsman reduces clutter at the roundabout? Ode to a break.
He left a policeman with his son to Egypt and visit the museum there. Take a break by writing under which the mummy RAXV-1900-Dad, Dad, what's this? -Do not you see, the dead man ... -And what are the letters below it? -Registration of the car that ran over him ...

Cop sees a kid sitting at the kiosk and asked him: - Is "you, kid, right" and you're sitting at home on a newsstand?

Sit on the type of street next to baskets of apples with small bones. It comes and asks the cop: cop: What is that? Tip: Nothing, just bones for sale from Apple. Pandur: And what does this do? Tip: eat one, so you're smarter. Cop (after a short reflection on "Everybody tells me I'm stupid): And when's that? Type: 25 din piece. Pandur: Give one. (Dramatic pause here goes while he eats) See, for 25 din I could buy a kilo of apples, so to get 20 small bones instead of one! Tip: You see, it works! cop: You're right, give two!

Cop standing in line at the bookstore, my father's son to buy certain items for school. Come on line and salesperson asks him: - Please? - Give me a notebook and pencil to circle the third grade. -? - Well, a notebook and pencil to circle the third grade. All this from a dark corner watching his inspector. All of a sudden pop up and breach you are: - Get out you fool, do you do? Sorry, this he will no longer ... I have a globe of Yugoslavia.

Police officer asks the man in the car: What do you have the winter gear? Says the man: long pants.
Montenegrin came to the police station and bring a pillow. - "Yes, sir," said the policeman on duty. - "Behold, I have heard people mention some speed bumps and reko to sign up."
Meet the police officers at the summit! What to do, spend a lot of trial balloons for a driver alcohol intoxication? Determine that it goes much, and costs. He gets up a clever and says: - Give them to blow in kurton! Who is drunk, the will to blow, and who is sober, no! The cop went to a pharmacy and asks for condoms in 1000, and the seller will be to: - Here, so far they beat us, now going to fuck us! A grandmother said behind him: - Son, to come to the station or going from house to house?


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