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Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny side of Google Maps and interesting places

Simply copy these coordinates to Google Maps and switch to satellite view and get ready to discover or find funny side of Google Maps and its ability to show interesting places.

51°21'44.46"N 7°33'28.70"E - MIG on parking lot.

33°44'50.66"N 112°37'59.09"W - Triangle in  desert.

45°7'25.57"N 123°6'49.63"W - Firefox Logo (I find this one funny)

44°14'39.38"N 7°46'11.05"E - Big pink rabbit [Never saw so big rabbit ;)]

46°45'56.41"N 100°47'33.86"W - Truck in an accident

31°40'37.11"S 141°14'23.68"E - Picture in desert

32°9'1.75"N 110°49'56.57"W - Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona

22°26'4.44"N 91°43'46.32"E - Wreck of the ship

43°58'43.41"N 15°23'4.65"E - Heart Shaped Island (The most romantic gift from Google maps)


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