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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Farmer and attorney

A farmer was arrested and accused of bestiality. Too indigent to hire an attorney, the Public
Defender comes to visit the farmer.
“So,” the farmer says, “are you any good?”
The Public Defender responds, “Well, I'm not so good at opening arguments... and I ain't so good at summations... and, well I'm not so good at anything in between.”
The farmer responds, “So what are you good at?”
The attorney responds, “Well, I'm pretty good at picking juries.”
The farmer, not having an alternative, throws his fate to the Public Defender.
The day of the trial arrives, and the farmer is being grilled by the Prosecuting Attorney.
“So, Mr. Farmer, isn't it true that the goat in question is your goat?”
“Yep, she is.”
“And, Mr. Farmer, isn't it true that on the day in question you were seen out in the field
doing hanky panky  with your goat?”
There is silence in the courtroom, and before the farmer can answer, over in the jury box,
one juror leans over to another and whispers, “You know, a good goat will do that.”


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