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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brief humor for entertainment

Policeman at the beach
A policeman sent his wife and children off the sea and after a he joined them.

He came to the hotel and come upon a woman.

- Oh dear, the children were in another room, we can not do it here.

- You're right, let's go to the beach.

After five minutes, the beach at sunset start passionately making love.

While the lovers' embrace, next to them they see a police officer.

- Shame on you, quickly dress, do not do such things in public.

- Excuse me - said the husband - this was a moment of weakness, we have not seen all week.

You know I am a police officer too and it would be inconvenient to charge me a penalty.

- OK, you're colleagues and you are forgiven, but h00 kers charge money because it is the third time this week!

The Three friends

The three friends agreed that it will be a surprise for his men, dressed in sadomasochisticleather outfit, heels and a black blindfold and see the reaction .... One had a spouse, loversecond, third wife. After a few days ...

- Bride: When he saw me he was furious, then looked at me lovingly, said that a woman's life andall night we made ​​love passionately!

- Mistress: When he saw me immediately grabbed me and we have to exhaustion praĊĦili the morning!

- Wife: When he came home from work, looked at me questioningly and said - "Hey, Zorro,what's for dinner?

A Serbian and a Croatian
A Serb and Croat dies and come to St.Peter.
 Where are you guys from? - He asks them.
• Serbia.
• Croatia.
 Auuuuuu ... however you do not have anything to tell me, you are infidels, sinners, ... both go to hellOnly, the Balkans is a bit undefined area, so you have a choicewhether in the Western European or Eastern European hell?
 What is the difference?
 Well in Western European morning eat a spoon of shit, and after you are free, and Eastern European as only the food on the cans.
 I have always been oriented towards the west, I am at the West - said Croatian.
 Well, I'm not going to the West, the mother of them burn itgive East - said Serb.
And so they goyetfortunately after a year.
 Sohow is it? - Asks a Serb
 Oh, what to tell you, Eastern Europe like Eastern EuropeSometimes there is no shit, sometimes behind the truck, sometimes no trash, once you bring in these striking ... I have not ever even try ...


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