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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tips for saving money at the cinema

1. Sneak inside of cinema without paying

2. Get a venom snake from the zoo or somewhere and let it loose in the cinema. That will scare everyone from there so you can just walk inside.

3. Find out which magazines print coupons for free tickets and contact people that buy those magazines and ask them to give you coupons for free

4. Scan cinema tickets from others and with little Photoshop editing make them into current valid ones

5. Pretend that you're from film industry and that you came to inspect how they're projecting movies

6. Pretend that you're the plumber or electrician and you came to fix something and then switch robes and watch the movie

7. Dig a tunnel underneath the cinema and when the lights go off you climb up

8. Date a ticket seller or projectionist and blackmail them for free pass.

9. Wait in front of the cinema when people are going out after the movie and ask someone to re-tell you the movie.

10. Come in front of the cinema just when commercials start and say to the guard that you were just in previous projection and that you left your poop in the toilet by mistake because you collect all of your poops since you were 12. When he says that it's already flushed you say that you didn't flush it because you never flush it since you keep it and make a scene. They'll let you in and send someone with you. You come to the toilet and take out rubber poop you have with you and pretend like you're getting it out of the toilet - it will freak out person guarding you to flee so you just proceed to the projecting hall and watch the movie for free.

11.  Burn the building right across the cinema because when firefighters come it will be such a commotion of people going in and out that you'll easily slip in unnoticed.

12. Kill yourself because once you become ghost you'll be able to go trough walls and be invisible. This doesn't even have to be permanent death you can stop your heart in the car just outside the cinema for two hours, just make sure someone comes to revive you.

13. Get a reel box and burst in into the cinema just when film starts shouting that you need to bring this reel to projectionist to the movie you want to see.

14. Climb on the roof of the cinema and enter trough ventilation shaft or chimney.

FYI: These tips are totally for humor purpose only for your entertainment. I came up with these things just to entertain my blog readers. I hereby do not take any responsibility if you happen to follow these tips in real life and you are solely responsible for your own deeds.  Kindly enjoy some more funny quotes and laugh out loud (lol) 


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