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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines day punchline

Ibibili income jacket.
Because you might drown in my love.

Crayola you?
Given because of the color in my life.

Can income be sidecar?
Single because I eh.

I have an exam.
So answer me.

My love for you is like LBM.
The hard to resist.

Minama my heart again ...
How do because, always sinisigaw name.

Papicture Hey!
Be developed for us!

If you have balls and I'm the player, you mashushoot income?
No, we always mamimiss.

Can I take your picture?
Coz i want to show Santa exactly what I want for Christmas!

Exam you?
Because I do want to take home income eh!

You lecture me?
Lab because income.

Centrum you?
Because You Complete Me!

Do we miss can be drivers?
For you to run my life.

Do you love sugar?
The sweetness because of the smile.

Pinaglihi you keyboard?
Because we type.

I hate to say this but ... You are like my underwear.
Coz i can not last a day without you!

Do you license me?
Coz you're driving me crazy eh.

Do you know who makes a watch?
I watch defective kidding .. because you love with me, I stop the time.

Serious comic I pick-up lines Noh? hahaha! Do you know anyone else? I think nothing eh.
Coz all I ever think of is you.

I'm a bee.
Can you be my honey?

Does not scary ghost?
But even more frightening when you lose in life.

Am I a bad shooter?
Coz i keep on missing you.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Oh I want to go through again?

Maybe you fast Noh puzzles?
Kakasimula just because of my day, but you formed immediately.

Excuse me .. Are you a dictionary?
Because you give meaning to my life.

Cliff you?

Love because I am immersed.

Dentures you?
Well, can not smile without you.

You tired Noh?
Kana day running as I thought eh.

I heart me hole?
Natrap because I'm in, can not find my way out!

What is your height?
Ha! How you settled in my heart.

Hey, did you fart?
Coz you blew me away!

Me "T" I.
For I'm always right next to "U"

Are you Jamaican?
Because Ja-maican me crazy!

We are not human .. We are not animals.
We THINGS. THINGS really are.

Favorite Subject you Geometry.
Angle because you anywhere you look nice eh!


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