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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston Jokes

RIP, Whitney Houston. This is no offense, just came up with some jokes on Whitney Houston. Dear Whitney Houston fans, please do not take the jokes below seriously. It's just meant for entertainment purpose.

Looks like Whitney Houston is cool again now that she's just made the transition from mainstream to the underground.

Whitney Houston's life is like skiing.
Once you get on the white powder, it's all down hill from there

Whitney Houston ended her life the same way she ended her songs.
On a high note.

A suicide note, supposedly by Whitney Houston, is now doing the rounds on the Internet.
Obviously a fake. Everyone knows black people can't write.

Nintendo are releasing a new game based on the lives of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.
It's called WiiHab.

Whitney Houston to star in her new film. The Body bag.

First Amy Winehouse, now Whitney Houston, Columbia has a tough financial year ahead.

TMZ is reporting that Whitney Houston has officially quit using drugs.

I bet they didnt need to draw any white lines around Whitney Houston's body.

Dear Lord, thank you for answering my prayers. However you seem to have made a terrible error. I said "Britney", not "Whitney".

When Michael Jackson died all that was on the radio was Michael Jackson songs. When Whitney Houston died all you could hear was Whitney Houston songs. I just hope Justin Bieber Never Dies

Confusion in heaven today as Whitney Houston tries to explain to Michael Jackson why 5 year old crack is bad

Isn't it somewhat ironic that a woman who hasn't been clean for years managed to die in a bath.

Houston leaves fortune with people who loved her.
Mexican drugs cartels.


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